80% Visual - 20% code

Use visual Framework (LowCode, NoCode, AI...) to speed up the building of the foundations (APIs, UI/UX, Data models...).
Code main features to make it uniue.

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Developp 80% of your app 5x time faster using visual developement tools.

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Exceed the frustrating limits of visual development tools coding the remaining 20%.

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Operate your customed application at scale with all dev best practices.

The easiest way to manage your Visual stack

Install WebCapsule on your preferred provider and it will handle all the DevOps for you: self-managed cluster, multi-environment control, CI/CD, single-sign-on, governance...
Focus on building, WebCapsule handles the rest.

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Does WebCapsule manage only Open Source tools?

No. WebCapsule manages any visual development tool as long as we can get a Docker file of the tool such as popular tools like Xano or WeWeb. Self-hosting is often enabled in entreprise plan.

Can I use my provider credits?

Yes. You can use your credits. With an open-source stack, you would only pay for WebCapsule services.

What resources do WebCapsule need?

WebCapsule mostly works as a PaaS. When deployed on your cloud, WebCapsule's cluster is self-managed.

Can I integrate WebCapsule in a wider infrastructure?

Of course. WebCapsule CI/CD is often used to manage the LowCode side of a more complex application. It interfaces well with the rest of your services.

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