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We like to tell the story behind the webcapsule - it was three years ago, on a Friday night in Paris. The hour was advancing and we, a team of engineers and developers were gathered, but not in the exhilaration of a Parisian evening, rather in the storm of the cloud, debugging the n-th bug of production.
Thus, the idea of the webcapsule was born, a platform that would allow developers to delegate the management of deployments and spend their Friday night serenely.
Since then, the webcapsule has been sailing on the waves of the cloud, exploring and democratizing, with brilliance and expertise, the new technologies of the infra web.

The crew

To arrive safely

Loïc Déchamps


The wisdom of tech
Development engineer - 20 years of experience in web design and infrastructure management

Arthur Rouzoul


More often on planes than on land
35 years at work on GHS, used to entrepreneurial adventures

Louis Dussarps


Likes chips and M&M's
Development engineer - graduate of Ponts et Chaussées, 5 years of experience in the cloud domain


Antoine Dussarps


« Emporte moi, wagon, enlève-moi, frégate »
Architecte solution - ex-core Engineer de Datadog, 10 ans d'expérience dans le monde du web et des startups


Gilles Hoppenot

Business Angel

Wears a helmet on his bike
Founder and leader of GHS for 40 years, Tech pioneer, now Business Angel

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