80% Visual, 20% Code
The Prod-scale App of Tomorow

WebCapsule offers the best of both worlds:
Visual programming to accelerate
Custom code for differentiation
Without compromise


Choose your favorite visual stack

New stacks are on the horizon!


Keep control over your tools

No more black boxes, the WebCapsule builds optimized and standardized infrastructures on your servers in less than 20 minutes. It deploys the visual stack of your choice and provides access to the deployed code for transparency and customization

Visual Deployment

Everything is done visually. The entry point is a provider (AWS, GCP...)

Robust Infrastructures

Virtualization, scalability, data security, and secrets management are handled automatically

Stack Versioning

A NoCode interface to manage your application versions on global test and production environments

Comprehensive Monitoring

Threat targeting, DataDog integration, precise application tracking, and continuous tool updates

Enhanced Security

Application firewall, tested redeployment plans, and integrated security updates

Simplified Collaboration

The first NoCode DevOps platform for both visual and code developers. No coding required

Check out our documentation for more details!

Automated processes → Improved reliability → Enhanced security

Got a project ready for takeoff?

Our collective develops your next application without compromising on speed, sovereignty, and security, thanks to the 80/20 approach



What is your cloud provider?

WebCapsule is currently built on AWS and GCP. Over time, WebCapsule plans to offer multi-cloud support.

What are your prices?

  1. WebCapsule subscription is billed on a monthly basis.
  2. WebCapsule optimizes the cost and sizing of provider machines, which are your responsibility.

This helps you save on human intervention costs and frees up time for your teams.

How do I migrate my project to the Webcapsule?

Migrating providers can be challenging; we assist you in creating a robust, tested, and efficient migration plan.

What support do you offer?

We believe an automated solution should come with responsive and attentive support. You have a dedicated DevOps contact, and we promptly address your inquiries via email or phone.

How can I cancel my subscription?

It's easy (but sad) to leave WebCapsule: upon departure, we deploy your infrastructure to an AWS or GCP account of your choice.

Have another question?

Feel free to contact us for more information.