The DevOps platform
for visual development

Scalable infrastructure, Visual CI/CD, governance and customization to ensure application sustainability at scale on your own cloud.




The deployment of the Webcapsule allowed us to accelerate developments thanks to visual framework like Directus, ActivePieces and Weweb but also to considerably reduce the complexity linked to CI/CD and infrastructure maintenance.

Maxence - CTO at Showcase

Operate your visual developement stacks at scale

WebCapsule is the optimized wrapper that makes visual framework safer, custom and scalable.

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A seamless experience for all

A NoCode interface designed to onboard both novice Builders and seasoned Engineers.


Easy set up to connect Webcapsule to your preferred cloud provider be it AWS, GCP or OVH.


Visual interface to compose your stack with a multitude of visual development tool combinations.


Build your stack on your state-of-the-art infrastructure, in the region you prefer for enhanced compliance.


Publish custom production-scaled applications in weeks instead of months with all best practices.


Operate with best practices throughout the application lifecycle (monitoring, access right management...).

The bridge between
Builders, Engineers and CIOs

The all-in-one platform for unlocking visual development potential at scale.

For Builders

Build fast with visual framework.

Environment Version Control

WebCapsule provides separated versioned test and production environments, accelerating the deployment of new versions with maximum security.


Use state-of-the-art monitoring tools like Datadog to track your application's traffic or Lighthouse to optimize its performance.

For Engineers

Custom with Code.

Git Access

WebCapsule structures and provides access to Git repositories locally to audit, customize and complete your solution with pure code or plug-ins integration.

DevOps Self Service

Unleash WebCapsule's CI/CD with one-click deployment, allowing engineers to focus on the essentials, coding specific features keeping an eye on the deployment process.


Scale with DevOps.


Make all the builders adhere to production pipeline best practices with our role-based management, compatible with local SSO systems.

Secured Infrastructure

All best practices to ensure scalability, redundancy, and compliance are encapsulated in your Infrastructure as Code (IaC), available for optimal customization.

0%DevOps knowledge required
5xFaster to developp prod-scale apps
100%Control over visual development initiatives

Want to integrate visual development in your infrastructure ?

WebCapsule seamlessly integrates stacks of visual framework into your existing cloud accounts, be it AWS, GCP, or OVH, allowing you to continue using your preferred security tests and production pipeline.

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What is your cloud provider?

WebCapsule is currently built on AWS, GCP, and OVH. Over time, WebCapsule plans to offer multi-cloud support.

What are your prices?

  1. WebCapsule subscription is billed on a monthly basis.
  2. WebCapsule optimizes the cost and sizing of provider machines, which are your responsibility.

This helps you save on human intervention costs and frees up time for your teams.

How do I migrate my project to the Webcapsule?

Migrating providers can be challenging; we assist you in creating a robust, tested, and efficient migration plan.

What support do you offer?

We believe an automated solution should come with responsive and attentive support. You have a dedicated DevOps contact, and we promptly address your inquiries via email or phone.

How can I cancel my subscription?

It's easy (but sad) to leave WebCapsule: upon departure, we deploy your infrastructure to an AWS, GCP or OVH account of your choice.

Does WebCapsule manage only Open Sourcetools?

No. WebCapsule manages any visual development tool as long as we can get a Docker file of the tool such as popular tools like Xano or WeWeb. Self-hosting is often enabled in entreprise plan.

Have another question?

Feel free to contact us for more information.

Ready to level up visual development to production ?