Mission: to support companies in their access to the cloud

The latest cloud technologies just a click away

Strong infrastructure

Scalable, secure, multi-server infrastructure with guaranteed backups - for worry-free incident management.

Ongoing support

An experienced DevOps at the disposal of the company. Consulting, best practices monitoring and vulnerability detection.

Monitoring and alerting

High-level metrics, real-time information - to stay in control.

Ease of use


Deployment is just a few clicks away; the webcapsule does the rest. You stay in control, we take care of everything.


Security is at the heart of our developments. We guarantee a redundant infrastructure and proven disaster recovery plans.


The webcapsule implements the latest deployment best practices and integrates cloud innovations upon release.

Automated process → Better reliability → Greater safety

First manned flights!

It's time for you to join the Webcapsule for an immediate takeoff to the cloud.

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What is your cloud provider?

The webcapsule is currently built on aws. The container manager is aws ECS. Over time, the webcapsule plans to offer multi-cloud.

What are your prices?

  1. The subscription to the webcapsule is done through a monthly subscription.
  2. The webcapsule optimizes the cost and sizing of the machines on AWS, which remain at your charge.

You save the cost of human intervention and free up time for your teams.

How do I migrate my project to the Webcapsule?

Switching providers is often difficult: we help you build a robust, proven and effective migration plan.

What follow-up do you offer?

We believe that an automated solution must be accompanied by responsive support. You have a DevOps referent and we respond quickly to your questions, by email or by phone.

Comment puis-je résilier mon abonnement ?

Leaving the webcapsule is easy (but sad): when you leave, we deploy your infrastructure on an aws account of your choice.

Another question?

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.